Future Vision

Our vision is to develop Plant Pathology into an integrated discipline that will develop technologies for application in resolving the plant / seed health problems and productivity.

  • Healthy plants are essential to secure a safe food and energy supply for the growing world population, to sustain natural ecosystems, and to promote quality of life. The unique role of plant pathology as compared to other agricultural sciences in the scientific world is more evident in future due to increase in worldwide trade, travel and the occurrence of exotic diseases due to introduction of foreign species.
  • Plant Pathologists will be an increasingly international and interdisciplinary group of scholars, practitioners and educators dedicated to the study of plant diseases and their management, and information delivery on a global and collaborative scale.
  • The study of plant-microbe interactions will play a major role in building basic knowledge of biological systems operated between plants and pathogens. Through an emphasis on plant health, plant pathologists will continue to develop broad concepts that are fundamental to many fields of science.
  • Strategies for plant disease management will be based on comprehensive knowledge of cellular, organism and ecological interactions involving plants and their pathogens.
  • The deep and detailed knowledge of plant-pathogen-environment interactions will be strengthened by integration across different disciplines and the adoption of new analytical tools, experimental models and information systems. Together, these will help in providing and maintaining healthy plants for the growing global population.
  • There will continue to be emerging plant diseases, due to pathogen evolution, international travel and trade, and alterations in climate. Through new technologies, more efficient communication tools, and broad educational backgrounds, plant pathology practitioners will be more effective in devising and disseminating practical solutions for management of plant diseases.