Meeting of ISPP Councilors at Lyon, France

Dr. Amjad Gondal & Dr. Nasir Mehmood Presents PPS Activities Report at ISPP Council Meeting during #ICPP2023

Lyon, France – Dr. Amjad Gondal, ISPP Councilor of Pakistan Phytopathological Society and member of the International Society for Plant Pathology (ISPP) & Dr. Nasir Mehmood, Member, PPS attended the ISPP councilors meeting held during the International Congress of Plant Pathology 2023 (#ICPP2023) in Lyon, France. During this pivotal meeting, Dr. Gondal presented a comprehensive five-year report on the activities of the PPS, shedding light on the society’s remarkable achievements.

The ISPP councilors meeting saw a global gathering of representatives from 68 countries, making it a truly international forum for the exchange of ideas and strategies within the field of plant pathology. The meeting was structured around several key agenda items, each aimed at fostering collaboration and advancing the mission of the ISPP.

The agenda included:

1. Welcome by ISPP President, Professor Jan Leach, and Introduction of Officers: The meeting commenced with a warm welcome from ISPP President Professor Jan Leach, who set the stage for a productive and collaborative gathering. The introduction of key officers provided a foundation for the proceedings.

2. Self-Introduction of Councillors and Subject Matter Committee Chairs: Councilors from around the world had the opportunity to introduce themselves, fostering connections and promoting a sense of unity within the global plant pathology community.

3. Noting of Minutes of ISPP Council 2018: Reviewing the minutes from the previous ISPP Council meeting ensured continuity and accountability within the organization.

4. ISPP 2018-2023 and Council Consideration of the Program for 2023-2028: This crucial segment focused on charting the future course of action for the ISPP. Key topics discussed included:

(i) World Health Day: As plant health is closely intertwined with global food security and environmental sustainability, the ISPP explored initiatives to celebrate World Health Day and raise awareness about the significance of plant health.

(ii) A Plant Pathologist’s Pledge: The council considered the development of a pledge to unite plant pathologists worldwide in their commitment to preserving plant health and ensuring food security.

(iii) ISPP COVID Years: Acknowledging the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the ISPP reflected on its experiences during these trying times and discussed strategies to strengthen the resilience of the plant pathology community in the face of future crises.

The meeting concluded with a sense of optimism and a commitment to continued collaboration among ISPP councilors to address global plant health challenges.

As plant pathogens continue to threaten agricultural systems worldwide, the ISPP remains at the forefront of efforts to safeguard plant health, protect food security, and sustain our planet’s ecosystems. The outcomes of this council meeting are expected to shape the ISPP’s mission and initiatives for the next five years, furthering its pivotal role in the field of plant pathology.

The council decided that 13th International Congress of Plant Pathology (#13ICPPS) will be held at Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.

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