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The Phytopathological Society is the premier society dedicated to highquality, innovative plant pathology research. For more than a century, members of Phytopathological Society have been making and sharing significant breakthroughs, both for the science and society. Phytopathological Society is driven by a distinctive community of scientists, whose energy and commitment ensure the global advancement of this critical science.

Development of new and innovative ways to control plant diseases is a constant challenge for plant pathologists. Plant diseases may be managed by altering the host plant, the pathogen, and/or the environment. Examples include growing resistant plant varieties, planting pathogen-free seed or stock, applying a biological control agent, modifying environmental conditions to decrease disease, and using plant medicines that inhibit or kill the pathogen without harming the plant or the environment. Plant pathology is a discipline that deals with the study of organisms that cause diseases in plants, and study of those factors in which these organisms of the induce diseases in plants and the mechanisms of controlling the diseases. Plant pathology is an interdisciplinary science that includes knowledge of botany, microbiology, crop science, soil science, ecology, genetics, biochemistry, molecular biology, and physiology.